Roots Northern Light

Project Description

Roots Canada launched their new 2017/18 Winter Clothing Line in an innovative, interactive and tech-driven fashion show held in November, 2017. Branded as Northern Lights, this state-of-the-art production featured live models walking the runway in an exciting sound and light environment enhanced by digital models being displayed on massive screens. It created a truly immersive experience for all attendees. This immersive experience was taken to, in Roots words, “an entirely new level” by the use of Soundpays technology, which was embedded within the Roots mobile app designed specifically for the Northern Light fashion event. The Soundpays button allowed attendees with the app to view the clothing items of each model as they strolled the runway, and shop and purchase the pieces, in real-time, while the models were on stage; i.e. to shop from the palm of one’s hand while viewing the clothing being showcased.


Obviously it is very see-now-buy-now, unlike many other events, where you have to go somewhere else to purchase after the fact.


Click + drag to view the beautiful 3-D rendition of the entire night, as created by the talented team at Blue Ant Plus.