Location-based Services don’t work. Engagement is personal. Mobile devices are a powerful tool for understanding consumer expectations and behaviors. Soundpays can universally deliver point of interest (POI) engagement.

Soundpays will deliver real-time, media-based, ‘actionable’ and ‘shoppable’ experiences based on consumer POI. We believe every audio, video and static POI can be digitally connected to a consumer’s mobile device, and receive ‘in-the-moment’ calls-to-action or offer a single-touch purchase.

We anticipate that every screen or sign, whether in or out-of-home, will be perpetually transmitting supplementary information (ultrasonically) which can be instantly delivered and acted upon, by any phone, in any location, at any time.


Soundpays™ Inc. was founded in 2015 and is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have raised US$2.5M to date. Our core technology is patented in the United States and have the same patent pending in China, Japan, Canada and Europe. We have also recently filed a provisional patent for a new technology in the US.

Our technology has been commercially proven in dozens of different sites and use cases. We are at an early revenue stage with several key, domestic and international customers.
We are a growing, dynamic and enthusiastic team dedicated to creating new frictionless engagement and commerce channels that will simplify consumer lifestyle and become an everyday part of all of our lives.

Steve Doswell

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Doswell (CEO) has been a co-founder or on the initial executive teams of three Canadian start-ups; all of which were grown to 400-500 employees prior to being acquired. Two of these companies executed successful IPOs along the way; one of which held the TSX all-time record for fastest appreciation within the first month of going public. Acquiring companies were PSINet (US), Howell Data Systems (Can) and Walgreens (US). Steve has also held executive enterprise roles as GM of Ericsson Canada and COO of AOL Canada.

Ziad Feghali

Senior VP – Business Development

Ziad is a serial ad-tech entrepreneur focussed on monetizing game-changing products and services while delivering tremendous value to the customers and brands he works with as a trusted advisor.

Doug Sutherland

Chief Technology Officer

Implemented award-winning CIBC- Tim Hortons Double-Double card. ○ Developed social interaction solution for timeplay; Canada’s biggest entertainment app (4 M downloads). ○ C-Level Tech role for 2 successful IPO’s.

Usman Basharat

Head of Administration

Mark Madsen

Head of Cloud Development

Mark holds a degrees in Physics, then Computing Science, from the University of Alberta (after pursuing a career in computational physics and then deciding it was the "computational" part he enjoyed).

Zaid Kazi

Head of Mobile Development

Brad Sidoruk


Nathan Youngman


Aybar Aydin

Sound Engineer