Integrating Soundpays with ECR/POS solutions can result in a variety of use cases:

Touchless Payments

Soundpays-enabled apps can provide a touchless experience between the ECR/POS and the consumer including payments, gift card usage, coupon redemption, and loyalty card presentment.

Touchless Checkout

Soundpays can be integrated with existing ECR/POS to allow Soundpays-enabled apps to perform a self-serve checkout experience;

Unattended or Mobile Kiosk

Soundpays-enabled apps can facilitate a fully mobile experience, eliminating the need for physical the ECR/POS with Soundpays-beacon-points and Soundpays-server integration to the retailer's back-office deliver consumer's self-order and self-checkout experience.


Extending retailer’s e-commerce solution to a frictionless in-store or in-mall collection of the purchased goods, including curbside pickup and in-store presentment.


In the fitting room, Soundpays-enabled apps can allow consumers to scan the products they would like to take home, without having to lineup to complete the purchase at the ECR/POS.

Enable your advertising to digitally connect to your viewers:

Download information

Participants can receive any information requested

Sign-up or Register

Users can easily register for a login account

Book an appointment

Clients can access online calendar to instantly find suitable time

Respond to polling

Constituents can make their voice heard

Grab a coupon

Entice customers with instant savings

Single-touch Purchase

Consumer enjoys friction-less commerce from the palm of their hand

Television Broadcast

Retail Storefronts

Stadiums + Arenas

Other Live Entertainment Events